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Public Speaking and Consulting Services

GamblinConsults has been known for an unparalleled commitment to ensuring clients understand and feel equipped to apply racial equity concepts to everyday life. We also have a reputation for delivering dynamic, moving and inspirational messages to intimate and large audiences in various settings.


Public Speaking

Marlysa D. Gamblin, founder of GamblinConsults, has been featured as the keynote speaker at conferences and summits, speaks on panels, and provides interactive presentations and workshops.

Consulting Services

Marlysa D. Gamblin, founder of GamblinConsults, provides consulting services to you, your organization, agency or community. Consulting services are aimed to build your capacity to understand and implement racial equity practices. This can be in the form of interactive staff workshops, small-group meetings, half or full day retreats, short consultative conference calls, skills trainings, organizational assessments, or a combination of two or more of these services. 

Marlysa D. Gamblin has experience providing these services to faith-based settings, Christian-specific settings, and non-faith based, secular organizations and initiatives. 

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Marlysa’s Story

Marlysa D. Gamblin is the founder of GamblinConsults, a consulting firm that provides public speaking and consulting services around racial equity. 

Marlysa is an expert on race and policy in the United States and is passionate about helping people understand the importance of race/racial equity, with the hopes of changing hearts, minds, and actions toward sustainable change. Marlysa has extensive experience in this field, including staffing on the Faith-Based Presidential Subcommittee on Race, Justice, and Poverty under the Obama Administration and being elected to lead Economic Empowerment for the NAACP in DC.  

At different points in her career, she has consistently heard one question regardless of age, sector, region, or political affiliation-- "Why do we need to focus on race?" In response, Marlysa decided to help people understand why by designing the Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation--an interactive tool that helps people understand how structural racism was created in the United States. This simulation has had a tremendous impact on helping thousands of people and organizations across the country start this important conversation and move toward thinking about what their role in this work is. Upon designing this tool, she realized that many people struggled with the next step. To this, she responded by designing another tool--the Racial Equity Methodology. This tool walks people through a step-by-step process of how to apply a racial equity lens into their day-to-day work and decisions.

Through this work, Marlysa has established a wealth of experience helping individuals and organizations understand how to apply a racial equity lens in their internal culture, practices and processes. She also has experience walking individuals, organizations, agencies and communities apply a racial equity lens to the programs they design, the advocacy strategies they create, the local, state and federal policy they support, the research they lead, and the analysis they provide.

In addition to Marlysa being an expert, thought-leader, and resource designer, she is a dynamic public speaker, perhaps most known for her engaging and interactive presence. She has spoken across the country in various capacities, including as the keynote speaker, as well as on panel discussions, podcasts, conference workshops, and radio stations. In addition, she meets with individual organizations to provide capacity building opportunities.

Marlysa has earned her B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and her Master in Public Policy from the Harvard School of Government. 

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